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Gift Certificates

Do you know someone who would enjoy staying out of the kitchen for a week or two? Or maybe you just want to give someone a very special gift.

A Bushel and a Peck's gift certificates start at $50.

Full-service gift certificates are priced to include groceries, and packaging containers, so the recipient only needs to sit back and enjoy the healthy, delicious home-cooked meals I've prepared for them. What better way to honor Mom or a friend who needs a break after the long days of work and commuting.

5 entrees x 2 servings = $250
5 entrees x 4 servings = $360
5 entrees x 6 servings = $480

A Bushel and a Peck chef service gift certificates come with food questionnaires, so your recipient receives the same personalized menu preparation as all my clients.

Call or email me today and choose the gift for that someone who deserves everything!