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3 bell peppers in a basket table set with red wine and plates of appetizing food rolling pin and a pile of flour pepers, purple cabbage, and broccoli cheese plate three bottles of olive oil orange, purple onion, other veggies

Why Hire a Personal Chef?

Your Bushel and a Peck personal chef helps put some time back in your day.

Between work, the commute, errands, and other commitments, you still need to eat. But when was the last time you planned a week’s worth of nutritional home cooked meals or had time for more than a rushed trip to the grocery store? Would you like to put an end to visits to the fast food drive-thrus, tv dinners or calls for take-out?

Your personal chef plans personalized menus, shops the market for fresh and nutritional ingredients and prepares meals you can put on the table when you want to eat.

A Bushel and a Peck Personal Chef Service replaces the question of “What’s for dinner?” with “What time do we eat?”